Online classes to support and enhance NHS staff wellbeing by encouraging engagement, connection, and laughter!

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Lively Up Yourself is an online event programme created and dedicated to employees of the NHS. The programme delivers fun, entertaining and wellbeing focused online events to offer NHS staff a virtual space through MS Teams to connect with colleagues and to take some out to engage in an activity of their choice.  

From learning to play a new instrument, competitive fun with bingo or a quiz, wellbeing sessions such as Desk Yoga or Meditation, or sing along with a live singing act - Lively Up Yourself has access to a fantastic pool of facilitators who bring a wealth of knowledge and skill to each and every session, ensuring staff who attend leave feeling fulfilled and content.

How does it work?

  • All LUY sessions last between 30-60 minutes, and can be delivered at any time of the day to ensure staff on shift patterns are given the best opportunity to attend. 
  • Sessions are recorded, and can be shared with staff who may want to catch up at a time suitable for them.
  • LUY plan and deliver a weekly timetable of online sessions. This includes sourcing facilitators, staff engagement, hosting each session and extensive reporting. Click here to view a sample weekly timetable.
  • LUY can attend department and team meetings to deliver ad-hoc sessions. As part of the meeting agenda, the LUY team will collaborate with Department Managers/Team Leaders to plan a 30 minute session at the beginning or to close a meeting at anytime, themed to suit the requirements of members of the team.

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During December 2021, Lively Up Yourself hosted a fun two week Christmas online event programme, available for all staff at Bradford District Care Foundation Trust to attend via MS Teams.

Online Christmas themed 30-60 minute sessions were delivered throughout the day and into the evening. Due to the varying shift patterns NHS staff are assigned to, it's important LUY is accessible and inclusive to everyone! All sessions are recorded, and available to watch on catch-up via the trusts intranet Connect.

Sessions included online music bingo, quizzes, live music, carol singing, wreath making and spa evening to name a few!

Watch the video below to view the Christmas magic in action!

Live Singers

Quizzes and Bingo

Learn a new instrument

Book club


Desk Yoga


Pamper Spa

Cook a long




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