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24 Oct

Hello Clever Planning readers!

I hope you are all doing well! 

As it’s been a while since I posted on social media, so I thought why not share the projects I've been working in a blog rather than an extra long post. Here goes...

The past couple months have been a complete whirlwind. Just when I think things are about to slow down after a busy period, another call or email comes through and back to the laptop I go! Not complaining - I’m very lucky.

As a Virtual Assistant, no two days are the same. I’ve different responsibilities for each client including PA duties, general administration, administering and updating websites, managing social media accounts, liaising with suppliers, data cleansing, organising events, onsite event support, overseeing long term projects – it doesn’t stop! The variety is brilliant, and no chance will I get ever bored.

Last week I met with a client in Solihull who I previously worked with earlier this year by providing event admin support. This time around their request couldn't be anymore different! They've asked me to coordinate the transition from internal hard drive storage to a cloud-based service within their head office, source a suitable database system to store their thousands of members details on and to speak with web developers to enhance their current website to make it more user friendly. This is a huge assignment and I’m looking forward to getting stuck in!

On Tuesday I travelled to Kenilworth to meet with another client to discuss her ever increasing database of contacts! She is doing exceptionally well and requires regular support to manage the extra administration demands that inevitably comes with success. We created her delivery timetables through to Spring 2020, updated her website and are in the process of generating her next newsletter on Mailchimp to be released next week. Exciting times!

September and October were busy months for events!

In September I organised a book launch to celebrate the release of the Haynes Manual: Menopause. Many healthcare professionals, family and friends travelled to Stratford-upon-Avon to raise a glass with the books author! The launch was featured in the local paper and the lovely guys from Solihull Radio made an appearance! There is so much to consider when running an event like this. I was involved with the design of the invitations, managed the RSVP’s (over 100 invitees), liaised with the publishers, venue decoration, food and drink, photographer, branding materials and travel and accommodation for guests. On the night it was all hands-on deck to ensure drinks were flowing, food was served, and everyone was smiling. I was super happy with the end result.

For more information on this event click here Menopause Manual Book Launch

Friday 18th October was World Menopause Day. To mark the occasion, my client wanted to bring together menopause education campaigners and healthcare professionals to film panellists discussing all areas of the menopause. I was tasked with creating the schedule. We had 8 hours to record eighteen panel discussions with over twenty speakers. The day was insanely busy but we did it!! Two film crews filmed panel discussions simultaneously, whilst in another room podcasts were recorded. This was a total test of my organising skills, but I got there. The panellists were fantastic and very passionate! I’m really excited to see the edited content over the next couple of weeks! 

For more information on this event click here World Menopause Day

A new project is on the horizon – a guilty pleasure of mine – a HEN PARTY!! I’m meeting the client next week to discuss location options, budget and expectations. Can’t wait to get started.

On Wednesday I was invited to an exclusive event in London next month. I don’t want to reveal all just yet (I’m scared in case it doesn’t happen!), but I’ll certainly be reporting about that in my next blog.

And finally, you may be wondering how do I fit this in during school hours? I’m thinking the same thing actually... The time has come where Clever Planning is going to need more Clever Planners. Watch this space!

If you’ve reached this far down the blog, thank you for staying with me! I’d like to thank you all for your continued support. I appreciate it so much.

Please feel free to leave any comments, questions, (coffee shop suggestions with free WiFi!) or general feedback on my first attempt!

Best wishes

Stacy x

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