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10 Feb

Good morning on this very dull Monday 💨💨🍃🍃 🌧🌧 I hope everybody's fence panels are not over next doors garden! 

As always, I like to share an update about recent events at Clever Planning. I find it quite therapeutic to reflect on what's been achieved, goals not reached (put a little thought into why not), and finally to create a plan to assist with remaining focused for the week's ahead. 

January was a super busy month. I signed up two new incredible clients! Coincientally, both clients run businesses that provide wellbeing support for their consumers and have a wonderful life-changing impact on those they meet. 

Over the past 5 weeks I've worked on updating various websites, designed branded leaflets, posters and event invitations, created a staff shared calendar for an organisation, managed email accounts, PA duties, diary management, planned a seminar, updated social media for various accounts using graphics I create, attended clients weekly team meetings to ensure I stay with up to date with their business movements and continued to oversea an IT upgrade project. Phew! 

For my clients I am a PA, bookings assistant, researcher, marketing manager, social media assistant, project manager, website designer, administrator and of course a friend. A lot of hats! There really is so much within a business that can be outsourced. 

Last week, in a gorgeous coffee shop in Knowle, I met with one of my new clients and we were discussing areas of work that can be outsourced to Clever Planning and the industries I'm currently supporting. It only dawned on me there and then that most, if not all of my clients somehow sit within the health and wellbeing sectors. 


🔸️Mental Health 



🔸️Hollistic Therapy for Children

In no way am I an expert in any of these fields, but I'm genuinely honoured to have the opportunity to support and work with these organisations administratively. 

Within each individual sector, whether I'm responding to emails, managing social media messages, creating website content - whatever the task - I've learn't so much and becoming more aware about the conflict and issues the public face day to day. We don't walk around with our struggles detailed on a label visible for the world to read stating 'I'm menopausal and feeling lost' or 'I'm a new mum, I havent slept in 4 months and I think I have post-natal depression'. 

The image to support this post isn't my usual style, but I wanted something bright and direct to get the message out there that if you are struggling - you are not alone. 

Speak to someone. Give me a nudge. 

Have a wonderful week. 

Stacy x

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